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Updated MT4 Terminal is planned on February 3

Currently, some traders report unexpected update of their MT4 to a build 574, which is commonly known as Beta.

Official banner advertises a new market option in the MT4 starting on February 3rd. 


This means the new featured MT4 is supposed to deploy to the traders' machines after this date.

Apparently, such event is expected with worries. What to expect? How to be prepared?

  1. Do not panic. But do not underestimate consequences.
  2. Create a backup of your experts folder now.
  3. Most of your *.mq4 files become defective after the update, while most of the *.ex4 will go on flawlessly. Therefore:
  4. Supposing you have the experts backed up, remove all *.mq4 files from the current experts.
  5. Do not be surprised that content of the experts folder moves to the MQL4 folder. The later replaces the former for script storage in the new build.

After all your mq4 code gets removed, the updated MT4 terminal will be much safer, it will not destroy ex4 indicators and experts that would not compile in the new environment. They are expected to work.

Consequences for indicators

The current indicators for offline charts are built under 509 and are distributed in ex4 files, so they will not be affected directly. Nevertheless the brand new MT4 terminal may be unstable in the beginning, so issues may arise.

In case there is unexpected event, please try to detach/attach the indicator, restart  the terminal. If it does not help, report it to me.

I do not intend to update the recent 509 versions of my indicators any longer unless there is a fatal bug. The new MQL language is quite different and the new updates need redesign.

UAC issues

If the installation of the MT4 terminal resides in the default location (Program files), then UAC applies. The indicators are not prepared to work in the UAC mode, so if you want to use them, the UAC for MT4 installation must be avoided. There are three options to pick from:

  • Completely switch off the UAC  (I would recommend this step only with a brand new computer/system)
  • Install your MT4 terminal out of the Program files (UAC applies to this location only as far as I know).
  • Start your terminal in portable mode (as described in previous article)


Posted on 2014 Jan 25
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