Release of Offline Charts v. 203.000

Updating to version 203​

After you install the new 203.000, you must check settings of generators that were already deployed in your charts. Unlikely previous updates, input parameters might not retain the value which was set prior to update, since minor changes were implemented.

Fixed since 202.005: 

An old bug, that I missed to fix earlier: The generator keeps reseting the chart when on some feeds.

If you encountered heavy load even when the offline chart was naked, then this update may solve the issue.

Default settings for the Session switch has been changed to "OFF" in 203

This makes little harm to Range bars, which synchronise at the first reverse bar anyway. With Renko and mean Renko generators the charts are now easier to identify with default settings, since the session open price has been traded for fixed grid position. The change probably affects Tickbar users most, and I apologise to them, I needed to keep the settings uniform.

The OfflineRemote v. 203 now shows areas with linear approximation

A free space in the indicator subwindow now marks suspicious areas,
where interpolation might not have properly reconstructed the original chart model,
due to insufficient data in feed.

The OfflineRemote v. 203 and on-the-fly switching between chart types

Now the OfflineRemote indicator connected to the Ovo4Offline universal generator has ability to switch between chart types directly on the offline chart. The main parameter (range, brick size, tick volume) is stored independently for all particular chart types, and the chart restores the recent adjustment when switched back.

For the new feature evaluation, expired trials for Ovo4Offline are re-enabled.

Take the new 15 day trial!



Posted on 2014 Jul 27
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