Backtest Helper Fixed

A failure to create the testing folder has been fixed. You may re-download the scrpt.

Posted on 2014 Aug 03
by Ken Weiss @ 21 Aug 2014 02:30 pm
I am using your range bars script on MT4 v4.00 build 670. The range bars display properly in real-time. I just downloaded the latest Backtest Helper (2014 Aug 03) and followed the instructions. After relog into 'test' account, MT4 reopens and displays the charts. However, after waiting 15 minutes, the two charts (H1 EURUSD chart and the offline range bar chart) just says "Waiting for update" and never display price bars. What could the problem be?
by ovo @ 21 Aug 2014 02:56 pm
The helper does only convert a single chart into an M1 timeframe so it can be used in a strategy tester in disconnected mode. There are no other charts available within the disconnected terminal, just the converted M1. Set the M1 in the tester, the original symbol and a strategy. There is no other use, no H1 charts.
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