Order Form

To obtain a key, you will be redirected to the Paypal site to complete transaction.
If you cannot use Paypal for any reason, please contact me about alternative method using a form.

For full price list please follow this link: Order Key

The key arrives immediately to the e-mail address specified in the Paypal form.

Check your spam folder. Some providers (Google mail) may send the generated message to the spam, as it does not originate in the sender's domain (i.e. @ovo.cz). Do not hesitate to contact me if the key delivery is delayed, I will forward you the activation email copy when necessary.

Paying fee for a single key you win a right to use the selected indicator on 3 (three) unique Windows user accounts (any munber of MT4 instances and brokers) and for all subsequent updates of the indicator free of charge.
When migrating indicator to a new computer you may to ask me to unassign the old PC from the indicator for free; in such case use your registered e-mail address and specify the computer name and the (Windows) account name.

Note for buyers in EU: When buying the license as an interpreneur, you are expected to add your local VAT rate to the cost into your books.

* Your recent key expires 24 hrs after the new key arrives.