Legacy File Format and the Backtest Helper Compatibility

I have been receiving complaints that the Backtest Helper for MT4 600+ does not work with some offline charts.

The story is as follows.

I created the Backtest Helper as a free tool for my customers, though I have nothing against using it with other generators of offline charts.

Since November 2013, the terminal has been using a new chart file format (introduced around build 540). Since a couple of days later, all offline chart generators on this site (both legacy and later the 600+ native) implemented this new native format when launched upon build 540+.

A couple of months later, MQ added ability to display legacy chart file format. As all the software on this site was already using the native format, this additional ability had no impact on the local software. Nevertheless it enabled other tools to be used for displaying charts in the legacy file format on the 600+ terminal.

The 600+ version of the Backtest Helper does not support the legacy file format (try the 509 version, though I never tested it and I have no reason to do so).


  1. Accept, that the Backtest Helper targets mainly customers of this site, which use the native format
  2. It takes less effort to update the generator than the Backtest Helper, so ask your vendor for a fix (he is 5 months late already)
  3. I will not reply to complaint of this sort any more


Thank you for understanding,

Posted on 2014 Apr 22
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