A Quick Setup Guide to the Omnia Charts Generator on MT4


The first step is taking the correct software and make it working.

For making the offline charts on MT4 we need the generator indicator 

Download OmniaBar.ex4

And for live control of the offline charts range we will need additional indicator

Download OmniaRemote.ex4



Now switch to the MT4 and open the data folder from menu File->Open Data Folder. Navigate to folder MQL4/indicators. Move the downloaded OmniaBar.ex4 and OmniaRemote.ex4 here.

When the indicators are in place, notify the MT4 to update the indicator list. Re-launching the MT4 Terminal does the task.

Find or open a chart for the symbol, which you need the range bars for. The chart timeframe does not matter, use the one you prefer.

In the MT4 Navigator (Ctrl+N) unfold the Custom Indicators list. Drag and drop the Ovo4offline item onto the open chart.

A dialogue pops up. Look at the Inputs tab. Select one of the custom chart types: range bars, Renko, mean Renko or a constant volume chat.

Pay attention to the Output offline TF entry and fill in some value (e.g.  M10). Let the rest fields default.

In the Common tab enable DLL imports.

Confirm the dialogue. The indicator appears at chart bottom in a subwindow.

From now the indicator behaves exactly the same way as a specialized generator. Continue with instructions for chart type you selected:

  1. Constant Range Bars
  2. Constant Volume Bars (Tick Chart)
  3. Renko Chart
  4. Mean Renko Chart
Posted on 2014 Jul 13
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