Flexi Chart Released

I added another offline chart generator to the download area.

Flexi Chart is a chart generator for freehand custom timeframes, which can be set from 1 second to weeks with a single second resolution. It is tick-compatible with the other offline generators.

Flexi Chart is not quite a new generator, I have developed it for the MT4 a couple of years ago, but I did not continue with its support, because it significantly differed from the "timeless" indicators.

Currently, I reopened the idea and coded it from scratch to be in conformance with the other offline charts.

It is available for download in the download area, both standalone indicator and as a part of Omnia Charts.

Enjoy it.


Do not forget to update the Omnia Remote as well, only the latest version supoorts the latest indicators.

Posted on 2015 Feb 28
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