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Hello all, as the client base grows, the static pages in this site became not very handy. I decided for migrating the site to a different technology. The new site home will reside in a root domain,

I am leaving this site alive, because many links target it. Nevertheless, I am not able to keep it updated. Please check for updated information in the new site. Thank you.



Posted on 2015 Mar 27
by Brian @ 19 Jun 2015 01:29 pm
As a MAX member I was offered a free version of one of your indicators a little while ago but for some reason it never happened.
At that time I understood that IF I bought anything from you there would be 3 incidences which I could use - obviously on up to 3 computers?.
IF this is the case could I buy a version of the Renko with tails PLUS I understand I would also be able to use Omnia .....and give as a birthday present one of my 3 to a friend, who of course has a different compueter to my 2 pcs.
Please advise in due course. Brian
by ovo @ 19 Jun 2015 02:22 pm
Hello Brian,
yes, indicators licenses have three installations possible (3 personal computers). It was meant as personal license, though I do not care who sits in front of the screen. The support and troubleshooting is provided for email address which bought the license.
Renko charts are currently three indicators, and they behave as a single product, i.e. share a single Renko license. Omnia charts currently contains two of the three, the classic one (wickless) and the wicked one.
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