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Renko Chart Generator
Renko Chart Generator

Follow this link to go directly to the installation guide


Renko charts are used for alternate price charting. Unlike the usual time framed chart - where every candle represents a fixed time interval - the goal of Renko chart is to display price movement in increments, called bricks. 
My Renko implementation displays wicks on their candles, which is actually not part of the original definition. Just more traders requested this mod. 

I have currently 2 versions to download, the first one intended for the MT4 build 509, while the other is native for the 600+ builds. They both run on the MT 4 build 600 (and higher), though the original 509 version needs the MT4 to be started in portable mode.


What are main advantages of this generator in comparison to similar generators?

  • • it is an indicator rather than a script or EA, which makes it comfortable
  • • input setting is accessible from multiple places: input dialogue, entry on a feed chart, entry on the offline chart. Settings on the offline chart makes the range switching as simple as switching a timeframe.
  • • possible feed chart on-the-fly timeframe switching (no need to dedicate this chart for a feed)
  • • generator can break chart into sessions
  • • generator uses all available timeframes for the initial model, it is not bound to the selected timeframe
  • • estimates the offline chart starting point from the desired candle count
  • • a single indicator drives multiple identical offline charts, so you can run multiple EAs with a single generator
  • • detects interrupts in feed and rebuilds the offline chart after the feed reconnects
  • • displays correct candle tick volume, you may rely on the tick volume in your analysis or EA
  • • watches for a change of the feed server (lacking feature in MT4)
  • • works correctly with symbols having conflicting names (i.e. "EURUSD.." trailing double dot in name with a few brokers)
  • • reports unexpected time gaps in the MT4 history
  • • excludes phantom (no volume) ticks
  • • fixes incorrect input for a non-trivial instrument tick size
  • • can decrease chart refresh rate on demand
  • • indicator development is not closed, it has continuing support. You do not need to search Internet and pray volunteers for a fix. 


For detailed instructions about the build 509 version, open online User Guide (unified for all offline charts).

For the 600+ version the User Guide will be supplied soon.


Download indicator from the  Metatrader MQL4 Downloads section.

Screen Capture Clips

Renko for the build 600+ demonstration video.

(For watching in natural resolution click here.)


Demonstration video for using the offline charts with a remote control indicator

(For watching the in natural resolution click here.)


The 509 version video is below. 

(For watching in natural resolution click here.)

Posted on 2013 Oct 13
by loucas @ 10 Jan 2014 10:40 am
helloi iwhoild like to use renko chart an my mt4.thank you
by ovo @ 10 Jan 2014 01:06 pm
So download, copy to indicators and use! It is easy.
by Mawela Tshikororo @ 13 Apr 2014 06:25 pm
Trying your renko
by Minmuliang @ 12 Nov 2014 08:55 am
Trying your renko
by Kasem Jarupongsa @ 27 Dec 2014 08:44 am
Pls provide a link for free trial in gold trading
by ralf dengler @ 18 Jan 2015 12:13 pm
Dear Team from Ovo,
You have sent me an email today answer, but I have them accidentally deleted.
Can you send me this email reply again. that would be very nice.
Many Thanks.

Best regards
Ralf Dengler
by Stephen Jenkins @ 08 Feb 2015 06:18 pm
How do you become an affiliate ?
by Julio Bento @ 10 Mar 2015 03:16 pm
Dear sir,
Would trade with RENKO, which RENKO version should I buy. I downloaded your version RENKOBAR indicator 207,002.
I await your answer
Kind regards
Julio Bento
by ovo @ 10 Mar 2015 03:35 pm
@Julio: Wick and wickless versions share a single key. The mean Renko is a different type, which is used to trade from causually, but most often it serves for trend detection. So it depends on strategy.
by Julio Bento @ 10 Mar 2015 04:21 pm
Thank U
I'll opt for RenkoBar. The version I have download, in the window d'nt shows FEDD or SS.
It is possible to match Tiks and Pips? For example 10 PIPs = X Ticks
Kind regards
Julio bento
by gedion @ 28 Jun 2015 01:07 am
hello sir i learn forex so i want use reko chart
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